16 signs that she is a masculine woman

The Masculine (brainwashed) Woman

This article is the counterpart to my “20 signs that she is a feminine woman” post. This article will help women to make themselves feminine again and it will help men to avoid masculine women.

Sadly 99% of the western woman are masculine. These women are perfect for pump & dumps because they already sucked a lot of dick and have all kinds of STD’s. Western women love cheating – because our society encourages it. Just watch TV at midnight.

And western society also lacks strong men that lay down clear boundaries that also enforce the consequences. 

Always wear a condom and flush it down the toilet afterwards. Western women are not afraid to take the condom and put the semen in their pussies to impregnate themselves.

Also only cum into the condom as they can use the sperm to put it on their bodies or children to charge you with rape. 

Western women are cancer. I don’t even need to write this article because you will think this is “normal“. And you think that this is normal because there are no sane feminine women left in the west. 

1. She Wears Jeans or Very Tight Leggins

For me, jeans are a big sign that she is a masculine woman. Jeans have this rocky/western look and they look ugly on a woman. On the other side, you have these super tight leggings where you can see her ass + pussy. 

They are not ashamed to walk around like fucking hoes all the time. Hookers suddenly seem normal. Let a woman walk next to a prostitute. You will not know who is the hooker. Women can be whores inside the bedroom but not in public.

They have no more self-respect or shame. They objectify themselves and blame men for objectifying them. Can’t get more retarded then western woman.

masculine woman dude


2. Short Hair

Women have long hair. Men have short hair. It is that simple. Why destroy your beauty with these fucked up short hairstyles? They look plain ugly and masculine. I can understand them on old women. But not on young women.

Women and men that think that this looks good are mentally ill.

3. She Has a Job

Jobs make men out of women. The masculine atmosphere in their job increases their testosterone. They have to be professional with no emotions (they are not allowed to be women).  

They get orders from a dominant woman and work with wimpy men who obey their orders. 

A feminine woman takes care of the house and the children. Get them into work and the drama will start. If they want to work then they should become self-employed with an internet based business.

They can go pro there without the masculine work atmosphere and let their beauty and emotions shine in their work.

Why should a woman (or man!) choose a 9-5 slave job over a family? I employed myself to escape that bullshit!

Here is an example of how to make money as a woman with your beauty and femininity which does not sell your body and soul:


4. Some Don’t Even Use Makeup

A majority of these women don’t give a shit about their looks. You can seriously blame men for this shit as some really needy men tend to fuck big whales and retarded women.

These ugly piggies probably think “Why to improve myself, I get fucked all the time and get all the presents without any work“.

Some women look good without makeup but a feminine woman loves makeup. 

5. Her Apartment is Dirty

She works more and does not even have time to clean her home or make some good food. This girl is no girlfriend or mother material. She probably does not even have time for you. If she got time for it and it’s still dirty as fuck then she is simply lazy. No one wants that.

Cleaning the house and taking care of a family and having your own internet business as a woman requires a fuckton of time. If you are too lazy to do that then you are not fit for a relationship. 

6. She Got a Car

When women have a car they tend to drive for a 10-meter walk to the store. They become fat and never move again. At their job they probably don’t do a lot of walking. So they become fat, lazy and comfortable. Suddenly they look like a fat dude.

7. She Got a Disgusting Body

There are too many fat or muscular women. When you see girls that go into the gym they become these type of fitness chicks that look like centaurs. Centaurs are Male and not female.

masculine woman centaur .

8. She is Loud

When she speaks loud she is a fucking dominant attention whore. Feminine women have manners and speak softly. I can not stand these females.

9. She Got a Deep Voice

A deep voice is a sign of high testosterone or due to smoking and drinking a lot. Both are bad. Would not even pump & dump as this is highly unattractive. Nothing screams masculine woman more than this.

10. Dominance

Due to their job, feminine women start to become dominant. This is not the only problem, though. It can also be their feminist single mothers telling them to never rely on a man. 

My mother said to become independent and never rely on a man.”

Another reason are wimpy men. Women have no choice but to be dominant because their men are not. Someone has to lead in the relationship.

They will only bitch when you tell them to cook or clean the house. Dominant women are highly unattractive to masculine men. They are useless too. Avoid them at all costs.

masculine woman dominant .

11. She Got Male “Friends”

More male “Friends” than females… Not only is that fucking masculine – She wants to keep multiple dicks available 24/7. When a woman says “I get along better with men“, think about that. She is a masculine woman that can not socialize with real women.

The funny thing is she is probably more masculine than the guys around her. They treat her like a dude and want to get into her pants. She thinks she is around masculine men. Yet they all orbit around that slut.

12. She Missed One of Her Parents

A missing dad results in a lack of boundaries & consequences. A lack of a feminine mother will create a masculine woman.

If they are raised by a single woman, they will become a feminist. From their mothers, they will learn stuff like dominance, strength, and lies like, “never cry“, “men do not hit women“, “you need a job“, and “you need a car“.

If they were raised by only one parent that means that her parents were too fucking stupid / mentally ill to use condoms or the pill. She got bad genes from these idiots too.

13. She Uses Too Much Media

Women only watch this brainwashing bullshit like Desperate Housewives or Sex in the City. They are on social media to check out these whores like Rihanna and Madonna.

And they are glued to their smartphone to use dating apps like Tinder, watch porn and write 10 Men at the same time. If she uses them she is brainwashed into being masculine and to become a whore.

14. She Got Bad Manners

Ever heard or read women say “I must take a shit” or “my nipples are hard” “I hit you if you do that again“? There are plenty of these masculine hybrids. Biggest turn off from my list.

When I hear a woman saying these things on the streets I only look at them with disgust.

15. She Says She Is a Feminist

Just go home to stay away from guaranteed trouble and drama. Saying hi is rape – stay way.

16. She Hates Shopping

A Woman that hates shopping looks like shit. A woman that cherishes her feminine side with fresh feminine clothing is a happy woman. A new dress or a new couple of shoes or accessory make a woman happy. Do not deny yourself of that.

masculine woman feminine .


Western women are trash. You will never find a unicorn with all the feminine features. Not even half of these. Men are becoming smart and they avoid marriage because it favors women and has no advantages for men.

If you want to find feminine women you have to travel to countries which do not allow a fuckton of immigrants and that are more right-wing and traditional.

I recommend Poland or Bulgaria. The women there even say “get out of the kitchen it is not a man his place!” Awesome! If you ever find a unicorn you should keep it. Otherwise, I recommend pump&dump till eternity.



PS: If you think I am against women then you are wrong. I love real women aka feminine women.

I hate masculine women – they are brainwashed and unable to develop relationships because they gobbled too much cock and don’t value men anymore.

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  1. Philip Braselmann May 20, 2017 at 10:44

    Agree, thank you Eduardo!

  2. Eduardo the Magnificent May 20, 2017 at 02:58

    You know you’ve hit jackpot when the women flip out and are cussing at you. Good article.

  3. Philip Braselmann May 13, 2017 at 18:51

    I feel honored by your comment Maria. I will think about you tonight.

  4. Suck my dick bitch May 13, 2017 at 05:23


  5. Maria May 12, 2017 at 18:14

    What the fuck are you trying to say you useless piece of shit. It is because of people like you that women are treated the way they are, that is disrespectfully. If you have such a stupid and poor mindset then don’t even bother writing an article you fucking douchebag. If you ever discriminate women , I will hunt you down.

  6. Philip Braselmann May 11, 2017 at 20:14

    Well, they almost always drown me in their pussy juices – I am so glad that I am alive.

  7. Lauren May 11, 2017 at 19:02

    You’re a piece of shit. Narrow minded and abusive. I hope a women beats the living shit put of you. Also suck my pussy bitch.

  8. Philip Braselmann May 11, 2017 at 06:03

    I am absolutely serious.

  9. XxxxfreeXxxx May 10, 2017 at 20:54

    You’re trolling right ? Or this is satire ? I hope you are

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