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20 signs that she is a feminine woman
Trigger Warning
Women and men alike have forgotten what it means to be a real women or men because of endless brainwashing. Hollywood, Feminism, and political correctness are responsible for that.

This article is a guide for everyone out there that wants to live a happy life again.  With this guide, men can identify feminine women again! I had trouble identifying them because they are so rare and because I was totally brainwashed. 

Women can use this guide to maximize their femininity to live a better life. Because let’s be honest here – a woman’s beauty is her most important asset. Everyone who denies that is a liar.

1. Hair
A feminine woman’s hair will always be at shoulder length or longer. Longer hair simply looks good, needs more care than short hair, and shows that she takes good care of herself.  
2. Makeup
She wears make-up and we love it. The sexier her face looks the better she is in using make-up. I rarely see women nowadays without make-up.  

The ones that have a super sexy face are the ones I need to look twice at if they wear no make-up at all. Feminine women are professionals when it comes to make-up.
3. She Wears a Dress or Curve Boosters
Women are beautiful and brighten up my day. When I see a woman with a healthy body and a nice dress with a feminine perfume I get a huge smile when she walks past me.

Women that don’t take care of their appearance are not feminine.

4. Her Apartment Is Clean
A clean apartment shows that this woman knows that a clean environment is important for her family, partner/husband and her children to feel good. A woman with a messy apartment works too much.
5. She Does Not Have a Car
Every day I see women driving in their cars. Women without cars have a stable relationship/marriage and value a clean home and the kitchen more than a car. After all, the man is the provider and not the woman.

A woman should work part time at max, and choose a good partner. If they break up she can still take a full-time job or quit her full-time job when she has a good man. Also, women use their cars to get anywhere. They become fat and lazy. 

If you are a woman reading this then stop using your car for every meter and quit your goddamn job if you think your man can carry financial weight for at least a year.

If he can not handle that then you should take a side job. But in the end, men are responsible for the income. If he doesn’t earn enough to supply a family, then you should not quit your job.
6. She Owns a Feminine Body
Fat or skinny women always behave and look more masculine (I have never seen an exception). Fat women are extremely masculine. 

If you are fat or skinny then watch your goddamn diet and stop using the goddamn car for every meter.

In this picture below you have a fat feminist on the left starting to cherish her feminine side. Look at her on the right.

What a beautiful healthy woman. And all it took was a healthy diet and some daily walking.

7. You Can Barely Hear Her
Feminine women speak softly. They don’t put power in their voice. They don’t command.

When I hear a woman talking I immediately know if they are masculine or feminine just from the way they speak (this guide will make you an expert in detecting feminine and masculine women).

A masculine woman talks loud and harsh and says disgusting things like “I need to shit” or “It’s cold my nipples are hard”.

When I hear a feminine woman I subconsciously start to flirt with her. Masculine women repel me.
8. She is Submissive
If she is submissive she is feminine. They obey your rules, give good head and want to be led.

Every woman that does not have a dominant partner will become dominant herself and become miserable. Be a dominant man and both are happy.

9. She Has Female Friends
There are a lot of women nowadays saying that they have more male friends than female friends. This is just an indicator that she wants to ride the cock carousel and that she is masculine herself.

A platonic relationship between the genders is not possible.  One of them wants sex. They are often both denying it.

Women with female friends are more feminine. It’s very good if they have no male friends.
10. She Was Raised by Mother and Father
It needs a strong dominant father to raise a good daughter. A father that can not force boundaries & consequences with his women fails as a man.

The women will become masculine feminists – I guarantee it.
11. She Seems/Is Shy
Shy women don’t go out dressed like prostitutes and pretend not to suck dick.

They do not dress like hookers, they are submissive, and they are often very girly. They are also very loyal and highly intelligent.

12. She Is Girly
Pink is her favorite color, she loves dresses, bubble baths, ponies and all that feminine stuff. She is the exact opposite of masculinity.

And this is why I love them. A girly woman is very rare nowadays as it is seen as weakness. Feminism is responsible for that.
13. She Avoids TV and the Internet
Women that avoid the media and the internet are more feminine. The brainwashing influence of the media is significantly lower without TV and the Internet.

Sadly this is very rare since 6-year-old girls have smartphones nowadays.
14. She Has Good Manners
I have seen a lot of women that said the harshest things and behave like fucking monkeys. Feminine women have good manners. 

They don’t burp or fart around others. They also don’t yell around or show their tits in public like the feminists.
15. She Spends a Lot of Time in the Bathroom
What is more feminine 1. A woman that is spending an hour or two in the bathroom or 2. A woman that goes in and out… 1. Because femininity needs care.

Applying make-up and going through their hygiene routine takes time. No woman that looks great spends less than an hour in the bathroom. 
16. Family and Friends are the Most Important
When she values family and friends over a job that gives her “independence” then she is truly feminine. There is a man that has to provide for the family. If he can not do that help him till he can. If he can’t you have chosen the wrong partner.

You can not build a family like that. And if there is no man that can provide for you, then work on yourself and your job till he finds you.
17. She Loves Shopping
I have heard some women say, “I don’t like shopping.” These are women that deny their feminine side. 
18. Latina, Eastern, Asian or African
I know the cancer called feminism spreads fast but these women are not as affected as our western women.
19. She Does Not Know About Feminism
That seems to be a very smart and happy woman. Sadly these women are often in a relationship or married.
20. They are not Stubborn
Feminine women love to be lead and they know that arguments involve arguments and not feelings. They will not put up with drama or “argument” with feelings to not be wrong.
Feminine women are connected to their true nature and they live a happy life. They are not pill poppers, alcoholics or whores. So if you are women you must stick to this guide to be happy.

If you are a man you should hold your eyes open for such women and approach them.

PS: This article is the counterpart to 16 Signs that she is a masculine woman. If you want to improve your feminine side as a woman to improve your marriage, relationship or simply to stop being single, then you must take a look at this book by Laura Doyle (click here) (affiliate link).


About the Post Author 
Philip Braselmann was born 1990 in Germany and suffered from depression for 12 years after being diagnosed with essential tremor. He slowly learned to cope with it and went the normal route that every man walks. After his girlfriend cheated he was depressed again and decided that he is going to live a good life. It took Philip another year to realize that masculinity was the answer to getting rid of his depression. He loves Modafinil, working out and building his Business.

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