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22 Badass Bodybuilding Tips
“No man has the right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training. It is a shame for a man to grow old without seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable.” -Socrates.

Even Socrates knew that you have to lift, no excuses! With that said let’s look at these 22 uncommon bodybuilding tips that will accelerate your muscle growth.

1. Choose a Hardcore Gym
Do you like to watch on women’s asses? Of course you do – especially when they wear awesome yoga pants where you can see the shape of their pussies.

If you are the guy that loses 15 minutes of his workout because of that then you need to change the gym – and if you don’t get distracted by that – you still have to change to a hardcore gym and here is why:

To avoid annoying pop music that is only running to not alienate old people and women with hardcore metal and rap (which men need to lift some heavy ass weights). Hardcore gyms either blast Hip-Hop or Metal or no music at all.

You mostly have buff people surrounding you. And that is the best motivation to workout!

To hear heavy metal plates hitting the goddamn floor, chains that lightly but steadily touch the ground, Metallica screeching from the old rusty speakers, and men that are only there for 1 thing… “to become strong like an African rhino” -Kali Muscle 

Join the brotherhood of steel and lift some heavy ass weights rather than listening to pop music with some old ass fellas and ladies while watching at pussies in yoga pants.

Nothing against those people, it’s awesome that they try to stay fit, but men need to go above and beyond their limits – only a hardcore gym will satisfy that need for self-actualization.

2. Walk Fast
Avoiding cardio seems to be a trend nowadays and it is something that too many men are guilty of. Lifting massive steel is hard, thrilling and awesome. Running on a treadmill to compensate for a lack of movement is boring as hell (actually there is nothing worse than that, I HATE IT).

And that is why I recommend walking to your hardcore gymnasium in a hurry. You will get your blood flowing, you will warm yourself up, you will build your endurance, and you will breath fresh air.

That is much better than gaining additional weight and losing perseverance because you only use the car to get from A-B. The benefits of using your feet to get to the gym or to go shopping are underestimated. 

I hold a weight of 85KG (187,393lbs) for almost 1 year now and I don’t plan what nutrients I put into my body like a bodybuilder. I am in shape, and I can confidently say that the reason for this is that I use my feet rather than wheels to maneuver outside of my 4 walls.

Use your feet to buy groceries, use your feet to get to the gym, and basically use your feet as much as possible to get anywhere. You will save money, burn calories, stay in shape, build endurance, and breathe fresh air along the way.

You could still use your car but then you will have to dedicate 2 days per week to get your essential cardiovascular training. I only make exceptions when the weather is extremely bad (heavy rain & storms).

Another often overlooked fact is that cardiovascular training or movement, in general, makes you really hungry. And when you eat you should make sure to not eat too many carbohydrates as they will make you fat.

3. Learn to Love It
If you got the free time, the need to lift heavy things, and the wish to get big then you are able to grow muscles faster than the rest. You love lifting? Then you should weigh yourself every Sunday and make photos of yourself from the front, back, and side and put all of that into a journal.

And don’t forget that you should measure your arms, belly, chest, legs, and calves too – and supplementary to that you will have to track your calories every day, otherwise, you will eat too much.

If you do all this you will be able to do the right thing at the exact same moment your journal says that you got too thick or too skinny. You will also see from your measures and pictures what works and what does not work.

What if you just lift to get girls and confidence? At one point you will realize that muscles alone do not impress women and that your confidence is high enough. At that point, you will start to lose the motivation to hit the gym like a madman because you have already reached your goals.

You need to love the struggle in the gym, the lifting of heavy weights, the sense of brotherhood and unity… because otherwise, your fear of getting fat or skinny will get you to the gym and nothing else. When you reach that point you will start to seriously hate the gym and your workouts will begin to suck harder than… you know what I mean.

Do it for selfish reasons and not for girls or acceptance, you will get more of that automatically the more plates you put onto the barbell as you progress on your journey to finally belong to the silverback gorilla family.

Depressed?! That is the best reason to get a gym membership. You must learn to embrace hardship with open arms. Discipline, strength, confidence, more looks from women, and more respect from men will kick your overthinking brain out of depression.

4. Look and Focus on Your Muscles
Always look at the muscle if that exercise allows it. For example, while curling you must look at your biceps and focus on it. This will intensify the exercise and stimulate further muscle growth. 

Or with other words: Your muscles are connected to your brain, and if you continue to “feel that connection out” you will feel that target muscle much better than your average Joe. The result is faster muscle growth.

Don’t just look at the mirror or anywhere when you are lifting weights. You should look at your muscle and flex it while doing the exercise aka “feeling it out”. That’s how you get clearly visible veins on the peak of your biceps.
5. Tell Your Friends About It
Tell your friends your bodyweight and how tall you are. Say it in a way that they will not forget it. For example that 12 months from today you are going to crush their soul with your fingertips. Make pictures of yourself and pictures after 12 months.

If you fail, you will not only hate yourself, but your friends will also rightfully shame you for your lack of discipline (but hey, I bet you still made a fucking huge progress doing so!)

Shame and fear belong to the best motivators. Be a man of your word and show them that you can achieve your goals. Maybe your friends will support you and go with you to the temple of testosterone!

You can also tell your girlfriend, wife, children, family, or whoever about it too. Just tell anyone about it so you can feel the pressure of the deadline coming at you every day.

This also works with every other goal that you want to achieve.
6. Don’t Skip the Cardio
If you hate walking because you are too comfortable and love your car too much then you will have to do some goddamn cardiovascular training every third day. Because otherwise, you will just turn into a rather fat powerlifter. 

So is there some kind of fun and no sweat cardio training? Sadly no. But there are some sports that are a lot of fun to get good at. For example fighting sports, not only will they make you stay in shape, they will also make you a fighting beast and increase your confidence beyond what you thought possible for yourself.

Other kinds of epic sports that are a lot of fun to do are; Rowing and swimming. Do you remember what Apollo told Rocky about a training that will strain his muscles like never before? 

Next scene: Rocky going the distance in the swimming pool. It’s not only a lot of fun to go swimming but you can also see lots of hot chicks there that will hopefully only raise your testosterone. Oh lord have mercy when a hot blonde decides to sunbathe or rest in your eyesight.

Rowing is a lot of fun too because it’s on water, strengthens your back and arms (my favorite muscles), you will be outside instead of inside a gym, and you can sit while doing it. It will also give you a nice tan and a chance to meet other strong and like-minded men like yourself.
7. You Don’t Need Supplements to Get Buff
Supplements are there for one thing: SUPPLEMENTING. That means if you fail to eat what you need to growthen you need to eat more. Arnold drank only one protein shake at work to reach his daily protein intake goals. Don’t waste your money on supplements.

Buy real food to get buff. Because food comes with a lot of extra vitamins, minerals, and macronutrients like protein, carbohydrates, and fat. Supplements are for men that want to enter bodybuilding competitions.

If you want to get real growth from supplements then you will have to take steroids or pro-hormones, everything else is a waste of money!

Just see food this way: A steak with a lot of rice and a nice spicy sauce and salad is like a weight gainer drink and one vitamin a-z pill. That will help you to eat enough. 2 years ago I weighed 60 KG (132lbs) and to get to the killer weight that I currently weight 85KG (187lbs) I had to eat so much that I was one the brink of puking.

I had to set a countdown timer to eat every 3 hours (that is also smart for every other goal that you want to achieve) and it took me 3 weeks till I could eat all that food without feeling the urge to puke.

8. Do Compound Exercises
Do Exercises that require the use of a lot of muscles, for example, the deadlift. The deadlift works your legs, your lower back, and your favorite muscles – the arms. The Squat trains your legs and your core. The Bench press works your Chest, Triceps, and Shoulders.

The more muscles you train per exercise the more effective it is. You need to have those in your workout routine. Otherwise, you won’t get the mass that you desire.

I will have to quote Arnold for you to understand how essential free weight training is:

When I came to America I had the choice to join the European Health Spa, where they had an endless amount of machines—everything that was available then. But I decided to join Joe Gold’s gym because I thought whenever you can, you should use free weights, and only for sculpting purposes you should use machines.” – Arnold Schwarzenegger
9. Don’t Use Machines
Do not use machines if you want to build mass. Machines isolate the muscle and therefore work fewer muscles. Machines are really good if you want to define the muscle and stress it out completely (see point 8). That is why I rarely use machines.

For example, on Monday I workout my chest and my core muscles, plus calves and forearms. To really kill my chest I use the butterfly from high to lowest weight possible -> After that not even 10 pushups are possible. 

I saw a boost in my muscle growth when I started to use more free weight exercises and compound exercises like the squat. 
10. Use Gloves for a Strong Grip
Good gloves will enable you to put more plates on the bar. You can lift a plate more because you have a better grip. Therefore using gloves helps you to get buff much faster. They don’t even cost much that much. You can buy gloves for $5 or even cheaper. 

Some people say it’s useless and that like callus on their hands because it looks badass and looks like you worked hard. Well, that is up to you if you like that (women certainly don’t because they told me it looks disgusting). I just know that I can’t concentrate on the weight because my hands were ripped open from the tiny metal splitters and burned like hell. 

If that happens and the burn distracts you from lifting heavy weights up then you need to wear gloves.
11. Eat Broccoli
Broccoli reduces your estrogen levels. Therefore, your testosterone level is higher than your estrogen level and you become stronger. Broccoli is also very cheap. It should be the only vegetable that you eat. Everything else is for women.

12. Eat Till You Almost Puke
This is no joke and it is what I did. How can you know that you eat enough?! Very simple, You have to eat more than you are used to and that is never comfortable. Don’t eat or drink too much sugar. 

People that call themselves hardgainers don’t eat enough. I thought I was one of those because I was always skinny in my life before I became buff. Guess what…eating more than you are used to will make you bigger.

And if you do not get bigger you simply don’t eat enough. Read more about the hardgainer myth here.
13. Plan and Cook Your Meals Beforehand
If you want to get buff you will have to spend a lot of time in the kitchen. So either you have a girlfriend that cooks, or you just spend an hour every day in the kitchen to prepare your food.

I do it before working out so I have food ready when I come back. I don’t want to spend an hour in the kitchen after I already worked my ass off for my business and my body!

Buy that tupperware, my friend.
14. Get a Girlfriend
Having a good girlfriend will help you a lot. She will do all the cooking for you and support you with all your goals. Seriously, having a good feminine girlfriend is probably the best way to get buff faster. 

A lot of people workout to get a girlfriend and that is ok. But after a certain period of time, you learn that you do it for yourself and that extra muscle does not really impress girls. 

It’s good to have more muscle, but that it will not help you one bit if you are acting like a timid and feminized man. You should also be able to be happy without a girlfriend before you get together with one.

15. Go to Bed at the Same Time Every Day
Far too many people are not able to do that. If you go to bed at different times every day your body will be confused. You will often feel lazy going to the gym. When you wake up at the same time every day you will be energized and ready lift some heavy ass weights.

Therefore going to bed at the same time every day will help you to get buff.

16. Stop Masturbating
Masturbating drains you of your most precious gift. Just think of it: you create life with your seed. Basically, every man is a God. We are the creators. Every time we orgasm we waste it. Your testosterone decreases and you lose a lot of your motivation and you become very lazy.

When you don’t masturbate you will have a higher testosterone level and a higher motivation to achieve your goals! 

Bodybuilding tips testosterone spike .
17. Watch Motivational Videos
What I do before working out is watching motivational videos. You have to find out what motivates you. I like to watch energetic built men that yell around while metal or hip-hop runs in the background.

I really like this video here too it is very technical and the discipline motivates me:

18. Relax
Relaxing is really important to gather strength and to become buff. If you didn’t sleep enough you will be tired before your workout and you can not break your limits that way. Also, a regular massage is very good to relax -> I visit the massage parlor every week.
Every 3 months you should also take a week off to recharge. Brotip: Check out Phenibut for godlike confidence and out of this world sleep.

19. Have a Lot of Sex
Having a lot of sex increases your confidence and makes you happy. I recommend sex as a way of relaxing after a workout and not before a workout. If you have sex before working out you probably won’t go to the gym.

Your energy levels will increase for 1-2 hours, therefore, the sex is going to be better. Your testosterone levels will also increase when you have frequent sex. Therefore having sex helps you to get buff.
20. Get Angry
Are you angry? Do you want to kill your feminist co-workers? Rape the weights (in a politically correct way of course)
21. Drink Hyphy Mud Before a Workout
“HYPHY MUD” is a mix of Cola and Coffee. Pour cola into a glass and put a spoon of coffee in it. It is the cheapest booster on the planet. According to Kali Muscle, they used that in prison to fuel their workouts. Be careful tho – If you mix in too much coffee the mix can spill over.

Fuel your workout with Hyphy Mud. What works for me can also work for you!

22. Buy Gym Clothing
Investing more money into your hobby will make you hit the gym more often to wear that clothing! Buy a new tank top every two months, a new pair of shoes every 6 months, new jogging pants or short pants – whatever floats your boat.

Invest in yourself, if new clothing gives you new motivation to hit the gym then it is absolutely worth it!
Concluding Tips
1. CHOOSE A HARDCORE GYM (affiliate link) For extra motivation, focus and no distraction from yoga pants.

2. WALK FAST – Walking faster burns more calories, saves time and equals a small warm up.

3. LEARN TO LOVE IT – If you don’t love to pick up heavy things you will have a bad time.

4. LOOK AND FOCUS ON YOUR MUSCLES – This helps to build a mind-muscle connection and increases the effectiveness of your workout.

5. TELL YOUR FRIENDS ABOUT IT – Tell them to pressure you into success or shame you if you don’t reach your goal (motivation).

6. DON’T SKIP THE CARDIO – If you don’t like to walk fast you will have to do a cardiovascular workout at least once per week to stay in shape.

7. YOU DON’T NEED SUPPLEMENTS TO GET BUFF – If it’s legal it does not work.

8. DO EXERCISES THAT WORK A LOT OF MUSCLES – Compound movements like the squat and the deadlifts work more muscles at the same time.

9. DON’T USE MACHINES – They are good to shape a certain muscle – not to grow your muscles in general.

10. USE GLOVES FOR A STRONG GRIP It’s easier to pull/push heavy weights when your hands don’t burn from all the friction.

11. EAT BROCCOLI – It lowers your estrogen levels.

12. EAT TILL YOU ALMOST PUKE – You think you eat enough but don’t gain weight? You don’t.

13. PLAN AND COOK YOUR MEALS BEFOREHAND – This will make sure that you hit your anabolic window after a workout.

14. GET A GIRLFRIEND – She can cook the meals and support you in your goals (if she doesn’t do that she does not respect you).

15. GO TO BED AT THE SAME TIME EVERY DAY – Sleep cycle fucked up = lethargy

16. STOP MASTURBATING – If you only yank it once per week you are optimizing your T-Levels for your benefit.


18. RELAX – Muscles don’t grow in the gym but when you are sleeping and stress-free.

19. HAVE A LOT OF SEX – Sex is proven to increase your testosterone levels.

20. GET ANGRY – Feel like shooting your local feminist leader? Hit the gym instead.

21. DRINK HYPHY MUD BEFORE A WORKOUT – Cola and Coffee = Caffeine overdose (motivation)

22. BUY GYM CLOTHING Because you want to show your new gym clothing in the gym (makes you hit the gym)

PS: I offer a masculinity and anti-depression coaching that you can order here. Masculinity is the key to male happiness! What would you add to this list? Write your point(s) into the comments!

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    Some really good tips here man. Anyone looking to start the gym could use this to build a killer body!

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      Thanks for the comment Peter. They have to use these tips.

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    • Philip Braselmann March 22, 2017 at 14:51

      Thank you Eugen. I am glad that you are making progress!

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