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People Will do Almost Everything for Money Nowadays
Why do people do these degenerated things for money? Don’t they care what they do to our society and the people living in our society? Or do they simply not think about it?

Some people don’t think about the consequences of their jobs (Like soldiers, whores, entrepreneurs who create these dating apps that inflate women’s egos etc).

Soldiers kill because they are told too, they are well aware of what the consequences are even to that city. But do they really know why they are killing these people? What bigger picture is behind that? Most would say it is because of the oil and that ain’t wrong.

It is about resources otherwise why should an army intervene there? There are no reasons to get your army and your men into danger and get them killed for no reason or to just save some people. The people have to take care of their own country first.

Then you have whores, who actually have a good reason why they exist for such a long time it is because men are very horny and before they do something stupid they rather go to whores but I am convinced that it does not prevent rapists from raping people as rapists love it to see their victims struggle.

The whore business is still booming. And women running around half naked in the streets asking men for sex or dancing naked in windows is surely no good sight for young people as they are going to see that women do a lot of things for money and that other women will see how they can get a lot of money with perversions in public.

Whores also make porn movies which are especially dangerous to our society. Think about 10-year-olds who look at porn. They just see 2 human beings that don’t value intimacy or themselves and show themselves naked in public for money for other people to masturbate to.

This is stuff for people above 18 years old but youngsters still get access to it. So what can you do? The solution is to make porn illegal.

People will still get their hands on it which is why they have to enforce certain laws and punishments for men and women looking for porn or whores online or offline.

If they want to have sex then they should meet in private, visit clubs or just flirt like normal people. Everything else is just super perverted and men start to value women more than themselves and women start to think of men as human dildos with no worth because they engage in all kinds of degenerate behavior for money or for the lulz.

What happens when you have a never ending supply of products? It loses value. It is that simple. Imagine that you get 3 different women per month guaranteed. (women get 100 messages per day on dating apps).

Would you value women? If you had easy access to them and they would love you just for your penis? Of course, you wouldn’t value them because they are easy to get and because they have no control over their lust.

But that is not everything, the worst thing are the cam models that can just sit at home, humiliate themselves and show all their private parts and earn a lot of cash for that.

They degenerate our society and they can live from that while all these thirsty men that pay them to encourage them to continue their behavior which reinforces their beliefs that acting like a whore is attractive, that they don’t have to do anything to get men, and that all men are just apes that act on their lust.

Of course they don’t value men then and it just ruins the family unit as women who get married can just get divorced, cash in the money from their jobs and be whores like they were before without any consequences while the men have to get rid of 50% of his belongings including his child because that whore played the “not happy card”.

And last but not least you have these Entrepreneurs with no fucks given to ethics or morals that develop dating apps, porn websites and all the erotic business that perverts the minds of the children & adults, destroys the family units as men and women don’t value each other anymore and rather give in to their perversions.

You have blacked porn with black men fucking white women, cuckold porn, animal porn, real rape porn, all kinds of disgusting shit that just ruins everything just like the elite wants it to.

Fuck female & male dignity. Fuck the family unit, fuck relationships & loyalty, fuck respect & pussy addiction are the problems which are caused by the erotic business.

Journalism & Corruption
Journalists. Think about it. Do you know what real journalism actually is? Real journalists report important or entertaining events without taking sides, they have to stay neutral to not promote an agenda.

They just report what is happening and the reader, viewer or listener decide which side he will take. It also has to be the absolute truth and nothing else, otherwise, it is fake news created to change the minds of the people so that they convert to the fake news outlet aka Clinton News Network or MSN which publishes 1 anti trump post every day.

It’s no wonder the American people are tired of all this degenerating shit, they are the first victims as this degenerating crap comes from the USA.

Despite the jobs which I named above there are a lot more things which are increasing the degeneration of our society.

For example all the corrupt public officers like politicians, policemen, people working in departments and much much more people. They will let you get away with crimes for money, they will manipulate votes for money to get the upper hands and they will manipulate documents for money.

They don’t care about you, they care about the money. They also hurt themselves for money, women acting in skat porn literally eat shit for money “2Girls1Cup” is probably the most famous one.

That is not enough tho, they participate in gangbangs and get cumshots from 100 guys for a lot of money, how can women possibly value men if she sees how 100 men get so horny just seeing her and ejaculate on her face. How can you value that?

Imagine 100 women masturbating to you. Maybe you think that is great, but that would actually disgust me. Most people have no more honor or self-respect, they will reduce themselves to apes just for money. It is absolutely disgusting and dangerous for our societies in ways that I have already mentioned several times.

They also hurt others or even themselves for money. They have sex with horses, get raped by midgets, cut their own body parts of while laughing about it and all of that just for money. This is how perverted the people have become and it is getting worse the more technology advances.

How to Solve This
We would have to step back in time which is impossible to prevent developing shit like dating apps and porn. But that will never happen because we can not travel back in time and think people will just allow us to do that.

We can also not change the human nature so it will only get worse in the future and I don’t like to say that. But this is just the reality.

Our society is getting worse and worse as technology advances and women taking our jobs. They have no sense of responsibility and they will do everything for money and power. They don’t care about ethics and morals and they do a lot of psychological warfare to get there.

Most women are psychopaths with inflated egos & they are skilled manipulators. They are dangerous competitors which will walk over bodies just to show that they are strong & independent and they think that it is a good thing to walk all over ethics and just fuck up our country like Merkel did with the EU.

About the Post Author 
Philip Braselmann was born 1990 in Germany and suffered from depression for 12 years after being diagnosed with essential tremor. He slowly learned to cope with it and went the normal route that every man walks. After his girlfriend cheated he was depressed again and decided that he is going to live a good life. It took Philip another year to realize that masculinity was the answer to getting rid of his depression. He loves Modafinil, working out and building his Business.

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  1. Ace Face August 2, 2017 at 01:49 - Reply

    Brilliant !!!!! Nice way to describe the world where we live, A world where men have no word, women have no punishment and society has no honor.

    • Philip Braselmann August 2, 2017 at 04:01 - Reply

      That is sadly how it is Ace. We gotta see the reality to make our moves in it.

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