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How to Become More Masculine – Intro
Do you feel weak? Do people tell you that you are just a “sensitive person”? Are you easily insulted? Did you have a lot of depressive episodes in your life or are you currently depressed?

Then you clearly suffer from a lack of masculinity and low testosterone and you need to obey this “how to become more masculine” guide. 

It is still not your fault. Chances are that you were raised without a father or even worse a feminine father that was always walked over by your mother.

You were raised in a feminine environment that is against “violence” and “toxic masculinity”. These environments are called schools, universities, and offices. Basically everything with women in power positions.

Media and women tell you to stop being so aggressive and macho but they secretly worship Chad’s dick and swallow his semen after he assfucked this beautiful girl on Friday.

Muscular men are repulsive” yet these women always hang out around very masculine men or hold onto their big arms.

They act very feminine around them because this guy is a beast ready to crush everything she dislikes (if he is a puppet acting up to get access to wet pink holes.). 

Food is cancerous and high in estrogens and therapists and medication for depression are useless and don’t help anyone. If they really helped people won’t suffer from depression for almost their entire life.

No, my friend, it is not our fault that society made faggots out of western men.

These tips involve behavior changes because even if you are the most muscular man in town you can still act like a woman. Lifting 300 pounds in the gym does not make you a man. Acting and talking like a man does.

Here are ways to make yourself more masculine and to feel great again:

1. Have a Purpose
This is my number 1 method to cure depression and to become more masculine. Case study: Silvester Stallone. Silvester was living on the streets while he wrote Rocky and he even refused the first $10000 he was offered for the script.

He was living on the streets with his dog without feeling depressed because he was on a mission. It was his mission to live the good life instead of the street homeless life.

A purpose is so powerful that you immediately work on your purpose again after you had sex with the hottest girl in the world.

Another case study: Niki Lauda burned alive in an F1 race and he still carries the scars and burns to this day. But did this stop him?

No! He went back to the track and won the championship some years later. This clip is from a movie called “Rush” about the rivalry between Niki Lauda and James Hunt (Louda says that it is pretty accurate):

Nothing will matter when you chase your purpose. Women? Uninteresting. Politics? Distracting. Hanging out at the bar on Saturday with your friends? Fuck that shit it’s a waste of money and time.

A cool side effect of having a purpose: You will feel less or rarely lonely because your purpose is now your companion 24/7. A great purpose would be to build a business as you can care about it all the time. 

2. Stop Complimenting Women
Men compliment women because they think that women will love them or have sex with them. But that is wrong. Women hear compliments at least 10 times per day. Do you know how they call these people? Creeps.

In the age of advanced technology even fat feminist whales will get at least 10 comments just from being on Tinder. But that isn’t enough. You have fat crippled whales on Porn sites that men masturbate to.

You will feel like shit because this won’t help you attracting women. It’s valorous to make compliments but it simply does not work if they are not attracted to you. It is better to increase your own value for yourself.

If you improve yourself on a daily basis you will fail to attract women because you still do this for them instead of for yourself.

How to become more masculine if all you do is with the intention to get access to some grade A pussy? Won’t happen, stop pedestalizing women.

3. Stop Helping Everyone
This was really hard for me to learn because I was raised to be a doormat. If you do this to do great things and to feel better about yourself that is okay. But be careful that these people don’t abuse you. 

Learn to say no. If you have a purpose you will not have time to help people accept your family.

4. Say No!
Learn to say no. Even if it is the hottest women of your dreams. If you have no time then you do not have time. Don’t justify why you said no. You will have more time for yourself and you will feel that something inside you starts to wake up.

That something is called “self-respect“, the essence of being a masculine man.

5. Set Boundaries and Clear Consequences
You will have to set clear boundaries and clear boundaries with everyone. Your family, your friends, your girlfriend, even your boss. If your girlfriend does not suck your dick anymore because you are acting like a woman then you will have to find another woman.

There is no reason to let other people get away with crossing your boundaries. If they do it once and you don’t do anything then it is game over till you stop them from doing so. 

I always have to laugh about couples where the woman is leading or is talking to the man like he is a little boy that needs to be scolded.

6. Stop Watching TV
Hollywood and the news/media are lying and they hate men. Just look at all the commercials where the man is acting like an idiot and the woman comes to help. Men call these commercials “Cuckmercial”.

White men are scum and they are evil. In TV, men get hot women singing for them with a guitar (try that in real life and they will call the police and you will find yourself as the retard of the century on youtube.

You can literally feel your testosterone sinking when you sit on the couch watching tv.

7. Stop Eating Too Much Sugar 
Sugar makes you fat and being fat is bad for your testosterone levels. It also looks disgusting and you feel like a bag of shit.

8. Confront Women
Women will abuse you or treat you like shit if you don’t enforce your consequences *see 3*.

If a woman hits you, then you hit back without thinking and leave the scene. It does not matter if 3 white knights coming to the rescue of a bitch beat you up. Once you let someone get away with their behavior your self-esteem shrinks to the ground.

I rather take a beating from 3 white knights than allowing that bitch to hit me and get away with it. 

9. Lift Weights
Lifting weights is proven to increase your testosterone (affiliate link). You will also feel really great after a good workout and you will be in a masculine atmosphere, hopefully not with women as they ruin that really quickly. 

In these environments, you can talk about banging women, politics, and other nasty stuff without triggering some nasty feminists. And if they do get triggered then just tell them that this place is for men and not for pussies. 

If you get kicked out of the gym then so be it, that gym was pussified anyway. Find a hardcore gym!

Free Downloads to Increase Your Masculinity
The journey to freedom – A self-improvement document and journal that encourages you to take action.

Masculinity is the cure to depression. Lifting weights is not enough to stop acting and feeling like a faggot. Masculine men act and talk like men. We don’t take shit from anybody and we take great pride in what we do, and we do it. 

We hold our words and we always strive to become better than we already are. We don’t chase pussy, we chase money – the pussy comes afterwards.

There is no true definition of masculinity but if there was one I would say it would be this one here: Becoming the best, taking shit from no one, taking responsibility and making the world a better place.

PS: If you need me to guide you out of depression or to make you more masculine then book my coaching from the comfort of your home. You will stay anonymous, and I will tell you exactly what to do.

Also, I will add more solutions to this article over time!

About the Post Author 
Philip Braselmann was born 1990 in Germany and suffered from depression for 12 years after being diagnosed with essential tremor. He slowly learned to cope with it and went the normal route that every man walks. After his girlfriend cheated he was depressed again and decided that he is going to live a good life. It took Philip another year to realize that masculinity was the answer to getting rid of his depression. He loves Modafinil, working out and building his Business.

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