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Lets record a podcast together
Let’s Record Podcasts Together – You Get More Than Traffic
I am glad that you are interested in recording a podcast with me! But you will not only get more traffic to your website, you will also get rewarded for that my friend (more about that below). You can also guest post on ValorForFreedom and record videos with me for the following topics: Self-Improvement, Masculinity & Depression.ย 

Let’s Record Podcasts Together – The Benefits
๐ŸŒŸ I talked about the benefits before and here they are: You will not only be able to promote yourself here and get more traffic, you will also get something from me! I will share the podcast that we have recorded on Facebook + Twitter and additionally I will also like your Facebook Page, follow you on Twitter and subscribe to your Youtube channel & other media.

๐ŸŒŸย But that is not everything, I will also add your blog or Soundcloud channel to my reading list and comment on there regularly + I will also probably add your Website to my weekly round-ups (a lot of traffic goes around on that + you will get in contact with other high-value people).

๐ŸŒŸย “Meh that is all?” you are quite the greedy man, but I still got more for you. I will also add you to my network and add you on Skype.

๐ŸŒŸย And if you have an outrageous work ethic like me and we get along nicely then we can even record more podcasts later and push each other to new heights (we will share our traffic like that!) + Don’t forget that it must be related to the 3 topics which are: Self-Improvement, Masculinity, and Depression!

๐ŸŒŸย By the way, the podcasts will be stored in my podcast archive! That means that you will always get traffic from my website!

But you don’t get all that for free, you will have to show me that you are a hard worker and that you stick to the rules.

Let’s Record Podcasts Together – The Rules
Here are the rules which you have to respect when we record videos. If you don’t obey these rules I will erase the podcast.

  1. Be yourself.
  2. Be prepared for an hour of recording.
  3. Edit the files and upload them to your channel (I will do the same).
  4. Share the podcast on all your social media accounts (I will do the same).

Let’s Record Podcasts Together – Proof & Contact Form
ValorForFreedom is not even 2 years old but it is growing very fast, actually, the traffic that comes to ValorForFreedom has increased by 300% (See screenshot). We are not even at the second half of the second year since ValorForFreedoms creation

Incredible Growth

I also redesigned my whole website & completely monetized it + I learned keyword analysis which increased the traffic on my latest posts by 100% (And I am not done applying that to my other posts). I learned a lot, I got in touch with many other famous people in my niche + I am working 12hour per day and I don’t think of ever stopping to write on this blog as it is my passion.

With that said, contact me now and you will increase your traffic & receive all the benefits (which I named in the benefits section)!

Contact Form

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Did you know that you get rewarded for writing guest posts on ValorForFreedom? You also get rewarded when you record videos or podcasts with me!

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