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My Story With Sensitivity
Taking things personally is something which sensitive people are guilty of. And I am unlike society and always said to myself “it is okay to be sensitive” and I acted that way. Giving angry looks to people who insult me to almost beating up “bullies“.

Bullies are people that insult you without being friendly repeatedly. People that insult you and laugh afterward, are simply shit-testing you or fool around. It is easy to differentiate those two kinds of people when you recognize this social behavior. 

People that talked to me first ignored me later because I was too open. When I reacted badly aka angry or sad to their shit testing or fooling around they started to avoid and ignore me.

I also cried in front of women when they hurt me (verbally) in private. I got cheat on because I showed my sensitive side instead of learning to control it and let it out later. I could not put limits and punish people because I knew it would hurt them. I needed to toughen up.

I have read books about sensitivity and accepted it when I was 24. Now, where I am 26 (20.02.2017) I understood why men insult each other for fun and I thought it is retarded.

But after some research, I found this out: It is called “shit-testing” -> people do it subconsciously and consciously to see what you are made of. Women do it when they are attracted to you and men do it to see if you how tough you are.
What Society Thinks

Men are not allowed to show sensitivity otherwise they will be seen as weak and that is especially important in competitions of any kind. Women need to have respect for you otherwise, there is no attraction (being unfazed when they shit-test you).

Men will not welcome you to their groups if you are overly sensitive and if you are an alpha man you can not become a leader if you show sensitivity.
How to Toughen up
Knowledge is power. Without the knowledge that I have today I would still be that sensitive guy that people avoid. To toughen up you need to understand why people say these “mean things” to you. 

I thought I was proud and strong when I was simply too sensitive. Proud and strong men are not fazed by “shit-tests”.

When someone tells you that you are not a man, why bother? They don’t know what you went through.

The final step is to not even think about their insults. Just laugh at them. “Lol, brah your penis so small” The best answer here is “Lol yes, talk about close combat.” You simply don’t care anymore.

Only the weak will justify themselves or make excuses or get angry about shit-tests like that. By the way, people shit-test you everyday so what are shit tests?

Here is a definition by ILLIMITABLEMEN

Why are they called shit tests?” Well, when somebody “gives you shit” and fucks with your head to see how you will react, what you are experiencing is typically a (series of) shit test(s).

Everyone has been shit tested, gets shit tested and will continue to be shit tested; It’s an unavoidable part of human interaction. 

We use shit tests to make value judgments about people, likewise, they can be used to determine how people cope under pressure. The underlying mechanism of shit tests is to test your mettle. Hence the name is not only fitting but likewise, accurate.

Now you know why they do this to you. Now you need to learn to not give a shit and you learn it by giving not caring answers. “lol brah you so weak” “yeah I can’t even lift 5KG” (affiliate link). You need to agree and amplify their shit-tests.

Another example: “you look like a wildling with that beard.” “Yes, I fuck wild too!” Passing shit tests toughens you up.
The benefits of passing shit-tests and not taking things personally are huge. The benefits are everywhere if you observe how people interact with you after shit-tests. Women will start taking you more serious and start flirting to feel your strength. Men will continue to do them to toughen each other up and to have some giggles.

I was very sensitive before, and yesterday a mate told me when I read a funny female story: now we hear your sensitive side. A big sign that I became tougher. Your confidence will rise up. Your self-esteem will rise up to

You will get more sex, more money, and more everything. After enough practice, these replies will become your 2nd nature and you will start to shit test too.

PS: People will say that you have changed and that you talk differently (that is a compliment)!


About the Post Author 
Philip Braselmann was born 1990 in Germany and suffered from depression for 12 years after being diagnosed with essential tremor. He slowly learned to cope with it and went the normal route that every man walks. After his girlfriend cheated he was depressed again and decided that he is going to live a good life. It took Philip another year to realize that masculinity was the answer to getting rid of his depression. He loves Modafinil, working out and building his Business.

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