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Renting a Video Spot – The Benefits
I currently receive over 150 users average per day (23.06.2017) that are interested in self-improvement, masculinity & depression. You can rent a video spot through sharing my articles + commenting (or a very small price). Like that, you will get more viewers that are already interested in your topics to your Youtube channel!

🌟 Target readers (interested in self-improvement, masculinity, depression) to your Youtube channel.

🌟 You will get more viewers & subscribers

🌟 Rent without payment (Sharing & Comments)

🌟 Rent for a very low price

🌟 My website grows every day, that means that you will get even more traffic in the future!

🌟 You can network with me

Renting a Video Spot – Guidelines
The content must be related to self-improvement, masculinity, depression or the manosphere. You can rent one spot, multiple or all spots.

The Prices
🌟 Renting a video on the frontpage costs $2.00 per day

🌟 Renting the top video on the video page costs $1.00 per day

🌟 Renting the middle video on the video page costs $0.75 per day

🌟 Renting the bottom video on the video page costs $0.50 per day.

Renting a Video Spot – Before the Order
You can pay the order via PayPal or through sharing my articles on your social media accounts + commenting! If you share 1 article of my website on your Facebook and Twitter (and keep it there!) + comment on 1 of my blog articles I will put a video of your choice (that respects the guidelines) on the front page for 2 days!

Renting a Video Spot – Renting the Video Spot
You will have to use the contact form below to write me which video you want to put on the video renting spot, which video spot you want to rent, for how long you want to rent it and lastly if you want to pay with PayPal or through sharing & commenting.

Here is an example of how to contact me:

Badass: “Hi Philip, I want to place a video [Insert Youtube link] on your front page for 10 days, the video is about self-improvement. I wish to “pay” through sharing your articles on my Facebook & Twitter account and commenting on 5 blog posts!”

Me: Hi Badass, I have checked your video and it qualifies for rent on my website. Please share the articles of your choice on both of your social media accounts (that would be 10 shares in total) + 5 comments on blog articles of your choice.  After you are done with that you will have to send me the link to your shares & comments (don’t delete the shares & comments). If you have done that I will put your video on the front page for 10 days or longer (Depending on new video spot renting orders). I am looking forward to hearing from you again Badass.

If you, however, don’t know what to write then just use what Badass wrote as a template and edit it to fit your order. With that said, the last step is to write me. And don’t worry about it, I don’t bite 😉

Contact Form

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