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Why Sex is the Most Overrated Activity in our Modern Society
Fuck you. Call me whatever you want, MGTOW, Faggot, Gay or whatever you want you fucking pussy addicts.

Because I am active in the manosphere I am bombarded with pickup, pussy, sex, relationship, game and all that other useless crap every day because apparently, these guys are depending on pussy while telling everyone else to no pedestalize that pink wet hole.

It is time to educate their asses with some real RedPill shit, I am tired of this faggot beta shit in the manosphere. I have all these pickup artists and other people in this scene talking constantly about sex blocked. They are time wasters.

They usually don’t have blogs, they hide behind nicknames or they user pictures of other people. They almost always have no videos of themselves bringing women to their and people buy their shit like niggers visiting KFC for the first time in their entire life.

Fuck this shit. Here are some reasons why sex is overrated and why you can do better.

Reasons Why Sex is Overrated
1. The Purpose of Sex is to Make Children.
Guess many people forget that, but that is the purpose of having sex. It is a lot of fun and feels good too, which is why many people chase it like some pathetic drug addict that has nothing going on in his life.

Do you think the Samurai, early Romans, Spartans or other ancient people chased vagina? No, they didn’t, they would probably spin in their graves if they heard about this pickup crap.


They would kick their ass and give them a purpose instead because men had important shit to do back then. Nowadays it’s just getting laid while women have to climb the corporate ladder otherwise they are “useless”.

Modern civilization is just bulk degeneracy and a playing field for women who want to fuck everything up and a place for men who want to be lazy and to kill themselves because they are not needed and in fact hated “toxic masculinity, rape, evil white males” blablabla.

2. You Can Get STD’S
Yes, you can get sick from fucking women, not only mentally but also physically. I am just listing rising against chasing sex here and why it is overrated. Many people know that, in fact, I have advertisement next to my house inside the bus station that shows people the dangers of STD’s.

People are so fucking retarded nowadays that doctors have to warn them about STD’s.

I mean are people too stupid to practice basic hygiene and to wear condoms? If they chase pussy and learn “game” why do they still get that shit then? Because of a lack of control, and that is no surprise to me.

The activity of chasing tail itself is a lack of control because the act of sex by itself is completely useless if not for children.

3. You Lose Time
Chasing tail is just a waste of time. And the success rate is not really high with all the inflated egos of women nowadays. They are bombarded with 100 messages per day per dating app.

Do you think they care about you? Hypergamy (the act of always breaking up relationships and marriages for a higher status person) is supported in our society.

Guess which men have sex without trying? The top 15%, the percent that pickup artists are not a part of because they are running around like crack fiends looking to cum into wet holes. 

Some pickup artists even approach 100 women per week to deal with their approach anxiety. Approach anxiety? These niggers just have to learn to talk with strangers and that’s it. Make small talk with people in the supermarket queue, the cashiers, with people in the gym, whenever they damn want to.

I mean I understand it, if they just sit at home never talking to people then this will be difficult, but understand that talking with people is a basic need and that people do this since humans exist.

So then they have sex with 5 women of these 100 women (if they are lucky). Great, congratulations, you had sex, you want a cookie now? You had sex *claps hands* *gets the sparkling wine out*, dude they achieved what no one before them had achieved! *sarcasm off*

They are just wasting their time. While I am sitting here building my online business being my own boss working from home doing whatever the fuck I want getting more & more money they work for someone else barely surviving and afterwards chase women who will just drop their asses for guys like me.

*He is such a douchebag* Yeah, fuck you too.

4. You Will Only Feel Good When You Have Sex
What happens when they chase tail in their free time? Easy, they become dependent on it, they put pussy on a pedestal while pretending that they don’t do that.

Bro, don’t fool yourself, girls sense that I sense that, and basically every ambitioned man with a purpose and crystal clear focus sees that you are a bitch depending on that pussy.

But that is okay at first because we were brainwashed that we are losers when we don’t get laid, but what bothers me is that pickup is a part of the RedPill. These guys know about the status quo of our society and how women function and they still decide to chase tail.

They are bluepill by choice, the worst kind of people that you can deal with as they are losers by choice. Don’t get me wrong, I was a pickup artist too for 5 months and I had a couple of affairs.

But it didn’t improve my life, after a while of fucking women on a weekly basis you start to realize that it is all meaningless and that your life didn’t change one bit.

5. You Don’t Learn to be Alone & Independent
Without pussy, a tail chaser will not feel good, simple as that, when they make it their highest priority and they are not getting they feel like shit. And despite that, how can they learn to be alone and to function without women if they chase them all the time and spend a bulk of their time with them?

To feel comfortable in intimacy and relationships with women a man must first know how to stay distant from women.

How can they have the power to walk away or to stand up for themselves and their dreams & goals if they are not happy while being alone because their life sucks?

Women don’t want to be a part of that, this is why pickup artists fail to keep relationships, they usually have nothing to offer despite dick (and no one said they are good in bed).

So if they really want to be men and lead a family someday (or not) then loving yourself always comes first and everything else second. You always come first, if you don’t value yourself then people will always take advantage of you because they simply can.

They waste their time with irrational beings that are emotionally draining. If they are pickup artists or tail chasers of some kind then they already know that women are emotionally draining and time demanding.

How can they go to the gym or build their business if women are annoying them all the time? And if they ignore them or tell them to fuck off they will simply lose interest and choose someone else from their 100 dick cock buffet.

They think they have control and dominance. As long as they depend on pussy and chase it because they need to get laid they will rarely or never have success with them.

Actually, women despise them for their neediness, they want men that are ambitioned, that have a mission and they want to be a part of that so they can support them.

Remember the 15%? Pickup artists are the 85%. 

6. You can end up in Jail
False rape accusations, theft, physical assault, domestic violence, you name it. But the thing is, these things never happen to her, they will happen to men because women don’t give a shit about men.

How would you feel if 100 women per day approach you telling you that they want to fuck you? You would feel like a King and women would have absolutely no meaning to you (like it should be), hence they have no power over you.

But because they spend so much time with them and pickup artists have nothing to offer they will quickly find a plan B to replace them with if they are tired of them. 

They will then end up in jail for a false rape accusation, because they stole something from her, because they hit her etc. and nothing of that happened.

The rape accusation was a lie, they stole nothing from her she just threw that item away telling the police they stole it because they don’t love her anymore and she will hit or harm herself telling the police it was them and they can say goodbye to their life.

7. It can Ruin Your Reputation
When they sleep with the wrong women and she is tired of your ass then see reason above and they can flush their reputation and their life down the toilet. They will lose their business, they will lose their friends because they think that they are a rapist or that they are creepy.

Their family will not really believe them and everyone else will avoid them because they have a bad reputation and goodbye business, money and boom they are jobless and probably homeless soon.

Think it won’t happen to you? This happens on a daily basis and it even happened to me, luckily I didn’t have a business at that time.

And despite all of that, they are basically just reducing themselves to their penis, they are nothing more than a playboy, a thing that women use to have a good time and then place it somewhere else again.

But that ain’t them because they ain’t in the 15% remember? The solution is easy: Money over bitches.

What You Can do Instead of Chasing Pussy
There are tons of things that you can do every day if you are not annoyed by women and dependent on pussy. I will give you some examples now (you can basically do whatever you want).

1. Lifting weights
You can take care of your health, get a muscular look and develop the discipline to work hard in life. If you are lifting weights to get women that is also okay, just don’t be surprised when you realize that women don’t care about muscle.

2. Keeping a strict diet
With plenty of time comes plenty of time to take care of your diet to get that shredded or tanky look that you always wanted, this is also possible to do with a girlfriend. Sadly no girlfriend will cook for you every day because they can’t cook anymore and because they don’t respect you (15% wink).

3. Building a business
The best use of your time. You will get that money, status, freedom and you become the leader of a pack of people. You will feel like a man should feel. You never spend time with women and ambition is in your veins, sadly women smell that and clean their ass so you can anal rape them while they cry from pleasure.

You didn’t even want that, but this is what happens when you belong to the 15%, I have seen it with my own eyes.

4. You can Spend Time With Your Family & Friends
There is no set of people that is more important than your family, not even your millionaire clients or connections. Your family was and will be always there for you if you are good with them.

You also have more time for your friends!

5. Build a Larger Network
If you are building your own business then use the free time to approach new people that will help you to grow your business.

And without networking and talking to people, your business will never grow because you need other people that spread the word, invest into your stuff and cooperate with you.

6. You Have Time to Improve Yourself
You can read in peace, you can hit the gym in peace, you can refine your guitar skills and learn to debate and much more!

7. You can Travel the World
Without an expensive bitch, you can travel the world as long and as much as you like! No nagging piece of meat next to you! 🙂

And if That Does not Convince you Then Read This
If you don’t have the money then getting a girlfriend is a waste of time. Why? Because she will leave your ass for someone who is better than you.

Plus she will drain you emotionally and demand a lot of your time, it’s impossible to make money and beat the competition if your girlfriend is crying everyday about her dog that died 2 years ago.

And women come when you have money anyway. If you constantly do the steps from above then you will have style, muscle, money, confidence, cars, a nice house or appartment and more.

You will have status because you own a business that has fans & customers
+You are ambitioned
+You are willing to take risks, you are not a loser.

Women want the 15%, and the 15% fuck all the women you don’t get without any effort from their side, it’s the women putting in the effort.

M.O.B. – Money over Bitches. Women come when you have the money anyway, you lose money and bitches when you chase sex. If that does not impress you because you need to “get laid” for a year “to get over it” then have fun wasting your time.

You will have no chances anyway because you are still a loser if you prefer pussy over money

PS: If you are depressed because you depend on women to feel good then please order my anti-depression coaching, for thirst aid please read these articles:  Depression (how to cure it by yourself) & Man up (the easy guide to stop being a nice guy). 

About the Post Author 
Philip Braselmann was born 1990 in Germany and suffered from depression for 12 years after being diagnosed with essential tremor. He slowly learned to cope with it and went the normal route that every man walks. After his girlfriend cheated he was depressed again and decided that he is going to live a good life. It took Philip another year to realize that masculinity was the answer to getting rid of his depression. He loves Modafinil, working out and building his Business.

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  1. Dylan Madden July 24, 2017 at 14:51 - Reply

    Good article. In my opinion a man shouldn’t give much of his time to a girl (there are exceptions) until he is established. Coming up in the world as a man you should be focused on getting everything under control. Money, body, and mind.

    • Philip Braselmann July 24, 2017 at 15:58 - Reply

      Agree, if you start a relationship and you don’t have your life in order then it will never last long.

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