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Do you Hate Racism, Sexism, MGTOW’s & More + It’s Not Funny?
Then welcome to my newest post! Here you will find everything that will trigger your fragile feelings & more!

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My Name is Philip Braselmann, and I have a black humor, I laugh about stereotypes and I am a white bald Nazi sexist bigot with a small penis who lives somewhere in mom’s basement without a job that never got laid in his entire life who eats pizza and ice-cream every day. I also have no friends, small balls and an IQ below 50. I also have a pretty white ass.

With that said, let’s talk about the following GIF’s and pictures that I wanted to share with you Trigglypuffs & friends! I never thought about sharing them, a friend of mine asked me to do that because he thinks that they are absolutely hilarious too! So here we go.

Enter Rare Pepe
The Rarest Pepe
If you see a random Pepe outside then you probably live in a nationalist area then you should evacuate immediately before they start asking you if you speak the language of the country that you live in.

Look, rare Pepe was once a small frog in the year 1877. But Pepe was no normal & small frog. Pepe loved to do 50 Pushups every day till his small legs & arms became really fucking huge.

Pepe’s testosterone increased dramatically, and because his testosterone increased he became a leader of the frogs in his swamp. Pepe’s brain also grew a lot, he suddenly started to speak English. But that is not everything, Pepe started to say Nazi stuff…

Pepe started to slaughter every Black, Mexican, Asian, jew frog around. Pepe had huge muscles & he was a smart leader & strong battlefield general. He has read Sun Tzu every day since the day he started to speak.

The day Pepe died he became a legend and nowadays he is worshiped by Nazis, nationalists, bigots, sexists, Patriots & high testosterone males around the world.

If you see Pepe around you will have to evacuate because your ass is in danger, my friend. I am not playing with you.

The Antifa Picture

I really like this Antifa picture, it really shows what the Antifa really is in one picture.

They are the puppets of the Globalists. Just look how helpful and loyal the Antifa is to democrazy. Just killing free speech just like democrazy wants it.

The real heroes with millions of followers (don’t forget to follow them on Twitter if you are politically correct).

Oh, I forgot, you have no job and can’t afford an Internet connection, sorry mate. If you pray to Jesus, and white knight every day then you will soon get a job, I believe in you bro, just try harder.


Will be hard to be sarcastic with this one but I will try. Look, at the woman on the left, she runs around like a slut, totally disgusting right?

Now, look at the woman at the right, naked like God put her in this world. Super empowering! Back to basics! Don’t be ashamed of your body! Everybody takes you serious! Keep objectifying yourself to get attention! Even negative attention is still attention, right?

Women and manlets around the world are proud of you and now we have Feminism in almost every country, except in countries where they decapitate women for showing their legs or driving cars!

But that is absolutely okay since these men are Muslim and we have to respect every religion except Christianity!

It does not matter if they rape us on the street, actually we like that, the West has no men that are dominant anyway, they are all stupid and weak pigs! We want men with low IQ that just rapes us on the streets, impregnate us and spit in our face and break our leg. Just like we want & love it!”

It Makes us feminists so wet! We wished we had more Muslims

Gondor Calling for Aid

Everybody knows the Lord of the Rings, and if you didn’t then you should definitely watch that. However… Gondor needs help, what should we do?

Ahhh of course! We should pray for them and send them positive energy! Perfect Idea. I mean they are just being invaded by Orcs that want to kill every human living on this planet.

Positive Energy and praying will really help Gondor! Let’s pray! *5 minutes later* Okay we prayed enough! Time to go back and destroy some Nazi bigot on Twitter! Oh, our internet connection was not paid this month?

Oh, our internet connection was not paid this month? Holy shit! Let’s make a quick false rape accusation against Brad Pitt!

In Case of Terrorist Attacks

Well, it’s not the Orcs this time but Terrorists, what should we do? Of course!

We should send them prayers and unite people in hashtags as we always do! It didn’t help anybody and just makes us looks like idiots but who cares! We are leftists! Everybody likes us so we can do it!

We are known to be lazy, so let’s eat some scam, we can’t afford anything else today because we didn’t record some blacked cuckold porn this month!

Male Wrestler

Okay, this is some fucked up joke but the sarcasm in there can actually be taken seriously.

I mean, we already have transgenders fighting in the UFC. What would happen if you disguise yourself as a woman but you are actually a semi-buff man and beat everyone up?

What would the liberal leftist idiots then say? They would probably allow it because otherwise they would get the hate of the public and lose their good reputation!

This has to work haha, I hope somebody tries that out in some time, I would laugh my ass of, next level retarded shit.


Just read what is written on the left and on the right. This woman is justifying how she got raped, such a poor woman! I mean she just ran around drunk in some alleyway with almost no clothes!

Our society should be perfectly safe, it’s not her fault! It’s the police fault for not protecting that area from scumbags, all humans should be nice and not evil! There is no more evil left in this world right? I am a princess after all and I never had to face any hardships in my life but that is not the problem!

I wasn’t raped, I just hope nobody finds that out!

Some men are easy to be fooled, especially the guys that are acting on their dicks, the so-called pickup artists, and dating coaches, it’s totally easy as a woman to manipulate them.

Sleep with them, make a false rape accusation, they don’t care how fucked up I am anyway! They just wanted sex and ignored who I am, now they are gonna pay for it. These stupid idiots.

There are also women who openly admit their fuckups, some even create videos of them half naked demanding men to give them money because they are “financial slaves” (affiliate link) and they give it to them, how fucking beta can it get? Sigh…


This is how important men are in our society, this is not something funny but I think it was important to list that one here. It’s actually hilarious that women are still crying, they are so damn entitled, they are actually Nazis wanting to have superior rights.

And they still get more rights, know why? Taxes & beta males. There is your answer, if masculine men pushed the elites from their thrones and put beta males in their places & tell them to grow balls then this shit would stop, but this will take generations of Trump presidency.

And if you want to do something against this cuck shit then take a look at the following picture.

Hurt Feminism by Doing Nothing

It’s not hard to follow this list because you basically have to do nothing. And white knighting never got you laid anyway my friend, so just leave it be, you are just hurting other men with that.

I had a great time writing this, especially the Pepe story, it was something else, and since I don’t like walking on eggshells it was perfect for me to write this. I hope you enjoyed this post, and if not, then have a nice day! If you have depression and want to get rid of it forever then take a look at my anti-depression coaching.

About the Post Author 
Philip Braselmann was born 1990 in Germany and suffered from depression for 12 years after being diagnosed with essential tremor. He slowly learned to cope with it and went the normal route that every man walks. After his girlfriend cheated he was depressed again and decided that he is going to live a good life. It took Philip another year to realize that masculinity was the answer to getting rid of his depression. He loves Modafinil, working out and building his Business.

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  1. Visper July 12, 2017 at 08:08

    Very good article Phil, thank you for sharing! we let women lead us, it’s a shock, men are lost …..we should take actions, Europe needs renaissance, we need examples, we should make examples, we should be heroes, we should make such strong communities, we are not united, we are very very divided, nothing unites us, some men really struggle for best, but there are so many different issues/temptations and being solo is not so easy…but sooner or later that moment will come, its just nowadays, call it a trend or whTEVER YOU WANT, MEN ARE NOT APPRECIATED and women even stupid they are made as our idols… why? because we have been raised like this. We are weak, we want to eat, we want to feel good, and pornography is worst … it actually is my nightmare when I try to remember about it, maybe is just me, but I am sure others do too, well i want to make a change, I want good for people, many of them don’t know that this is wrong, and following the folk is wrong….sometimes I think I cannot do anything being with people, especially so many as Stockholm, there are many things around that makes me loose capacity and attention, I feel I am not me, I feel I stare at people how they look, how good they look, what cars they have, what do they do, and thinking indirectly how good would it be to be like them…no one is perfect, we have a life, it is gift, we have to use in the best way….. I understand and I am trying t live what I am saying…. most of the times I am not calm, I have something in me that is not thankful something that revolts that I cannot attain what others have… till the end should it really be my goal that luxury car? that good looking girl that many wants he and she is playing with guys like changing gloves?!!!! I don’t think so…. I wish I feel rest of my life like I feel now, otherwise, I always ask myself and even others, @”what are their mission on this earth”? What is my mission, is it just working, eating and having sex???? that does not satisfy me, is too little, should i really work hard to feed mine craves mentioned above, sex, wealth and …? no, it’s not me, don’t see it really important in this life….yes i want to be economically independence, I want to have a small company to be independent to work for me and not for others, want to be independent , I want to take decisions, don’t want to be a slave….

    • Philip Braselmann July 12, 2017 at 08:16

      Agree Visper. We need to take action, it has to start with men increasing their testosterone levels and learning marketing & psychology. I am quite shocked @ how much we are being fooled on a daily basis. Women are the worst, they play with you on a daily basis, they are the masters of manipulation.

      Psychology & Testosterone – These are the keys to bring sanity to this world.

      Thank you for your passionate comment.

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